Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random pictures from Haylee's blessing

Awe...look at my two bestest friends.

Melissa got to hold Santa...I mean Baby Orrin

Auntie and Unlce giving Haylee num nums.

My two girls...I can't wait for Wehilani to show Haylee the ropes

My beautiful sister with Haylee Claus

Me and my buddy!

Haylee's Blessing

What an amazing day...we are so blessed!!!

Haylee and Orrin's photo shoot

These poor kids are destined for pictures like this for the rest of their lives....but that is what they geet for being so dang cute...

Bobo (That is my nickname for Baby Orrin) looks like he is angry baby...but if you look close I think he is just concentrating on making his move...notice his hand is reaching for Haylee's handpretty slick move Bobo.

This was really cute...Haylee was sitting up like she is in the first picture and then she just feel asleep with her head on Bobo's was kinda adorable.

They are just so darn yummy!!!!!

Uncle Fred and Auntie Christina at Haylee's Blessing

Thanksgiving 2009

Haylee and Orrin...can you say arranged marriage...

This is my beautiful neice with Haylee, I thought it was cute the her puppy looked straight into the camera...what a ham.

My big brother...I think the flower binky brings out his eyes...hehe

I love this picture...this is my grandma Betty...this was the first time she met Haylee.

Thanksgiving was awesome.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Rock on Haylee...rock on.

I love it when she smiles.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Haylee's first day of church...and who knew she would come with a warning label...hehe